Imagine Starting Your Week With a Message Like This


Every Monday morning, through The Truth of You, you’ll receive an excerpt from the spiritual teachings Jack Armstrong has channeled from Source, as well as an affirmation that he transcribed as part of his writings. Here’s an example of what one of your Monday morning e-mails might look like:




Simply Claim the Joy


Giving thanks for the unseen blessings – of the moment, as well as those yet to appear – is critically important. Do not lose the perspective of the finite nature of your journey. Each day – indeed each moment – is a gift to be cherished, and celebrated, and acknowledged.


At this very moment, souls are entering and leaving the physical plane. Each of them, like you, chose their journey for learning and growth – and for the thrill and joy of the adventure.


Do not allow the illusions to dampen the joy. You can recapture it and claim it and accept it and relish it at any moment, for it is always present, even though it might be obscured by the clouds of doubt and discouragement, which are ephemeral.


Simply claim the joy. It is yours for the claiming – always, in every moment. You have not lost your way. I am always with you, and “salvation” (in the best sense of the word) is always available on a moment’s notice. Bless you, my child. Have fun today!




I claim control of this day, and of my life. My choices determine the state of my human consciousness, and I choose life! I choose joy, and my days are joyous. I choose love, and my being touches the very being of others. I choose peace, and my essence is calming. I choose light, and I am the light of the world.




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