A Gentle Monday Morning Reminder from Source


Sometimes our communication channel with God gets blocked by a bunch of old stuff we’ve allowed to accumulate over the years.


More often than not, that blockage happens because we forget who we really are.


The Truth of You is a one-on-one communication from Source – first thing every Monday morning – that will help remind you of your true identity as a spiritual being in a physical world.


You’ll get a gentle, yet powerful reminder from Source about the Truth you know but might have forgotten, as well as an affirmation to help you nail it down in your consciousness.


Can you think of a better way to start your week? The best part is – it’s free!




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Since 1978, Jack Armstrong’s communication channel from Source has been wide open, and he’s channeled volumes of spiritual wisdom – like what you’ve read in Lessons from the Source – but he’s been sitting on most of it for all these years.


Now, as a septuagenarian (you can look it up), he’s ready to start sharing the rest of it with the world. The Truth of You is the first step in that sharing, and it’s his gift to you.