The Book: Profound Spiritual Teachings in Simple Language

Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey is a compilation of spiritual writings, in the form of lessons about life and spirituality, that transcend belief systems and explain profound spiritual principles in a gentle, patient and good-humored manner, using language that is clear and comfortable.

It explains who we really are, shares an important perspective on the challenges we face during our lifetime, and offers suggestions and techniques for meeting them.

Profound Wisdom in Clear & Simple Language

Reading Lessons from the Source is like having a kind, gentle, warm-hearted mentor or friend guiding you along life’s pathway.

Its teachings are profound, yet easy to understand; and its language is simple and non-judgmental.

Complex concepts are illustrated through analogies to real-life situations, and specific techniques are suggested as a way to help put spiritual principles into practice.

Comfort in Times of Turmoil

Lessons from the Source offers a comforting new context in which to frame life’s challenges and struggles.

It teaches us how to let go of stress, fear, and the need to be in control.

It explains how to take back the power we have given to issues that we have allowed to overwhelm us.

Its wisdom is presented in bite-size pieces that can be used as daily reminders when times get tough.

Something to Believe In

The teachings in Lessons from the Source:

Help us view life and spirituality in a new light and remind us that living a life of joy, peace and love is not out of our reach.

Awaken us to who we really are and help point us to our own inner wisdom.

Move us beyond a mere intellectual understanding of spiritual principles to a place of actually being able to live them.

Remind us of essential spiritual truths that we know, but often forget.

High Praise from Readers

Readers have been deeply moved by Lessons from the Source:

“…makes you feel like you are in a private, one-on-one coaching session with God.”

“…a rich tapestry of wisdom that can shift your entire perspective on life, the Universe, and your very existence within it.”

“…jam packed with simple and practical ‘life lessons’ that you can start applying in your own daily life ― now.”

“…offers solace and reassurance, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.”

“…reminded me that we are here to enjoy life and instantly brought me gratitude and joy.”

“Along with Conversations with God, it is a must read for everyone.”

A Note on The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been the subject of a number of recent publications and programs.  While the Law itself is not mentioned by name in Lessons from the Source, the book explains principles for accessing our good that are consistent with those described in other publications, and it presents a broad context that may enhance our understanding of the Law.

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Joy is who you are. It is the magic that reaches out from you and touches others. It is your birthright, your identity. Allow it to express through you—naturally and gently and effortlessly. Feel inside you the wonderful feeling that encompasses you when you are truly in tune and expressing the joy of your being. Let it sparkle in your eyes. Let laughter roll from your lips. Let your aura glow.

— Lessons from the Source