Biographical Information for Jack Armstrong

Brief Biographical Sketch of Jack Armstrong

Publishing a book was never on Jack Armstrong’s list of life priorities. His original career goal while growing up in Ohio was to be in broadcast news, but after receiving his Master’s degree in Broadcasting, he entered the Peace Corps and served for two years in Latin America.

After his return, his goals became more focused on service to others, and during one three-year period he taught Spanish in both a public and a private school, was selected nationally for a prestigious fellowship in public affairs, received a second Master’s degree, became a state organizer for a candidate for the U.S. Presidency, worked as a coordinator in a Voluntary Action Center, and began a career in nonprofit management.

For the next twenty years, he lived in three different states and served as Executive Director of four nonprofit organizations with national, state, regional, and local constituencies.  At one point during that part of his journey, he left his job to become a candidate for United States Congress.

Since leaving the nonprofit arena, he has been working for himself as a small business owner, actor and voiceover artist, and donating his time as a hospice volunteer and community visitor. He also has had roles in episodes of Grimm on NBC and Leverage on TNT. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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