A Community of Light

Millions of kindred spirits around the world are following their own spiritual paths and searching for an interpretation of Truth that will be meaningful to them in their personal growth and development,

We believe the spiritual wisdom Jack Armstrong has transcribed and has begun to share can play an integral role in their spiritual evolution by reminding them who they really are and offering a comforting and reassuring perspective on life’s journey.

We are holding a vision of a world-wide, virtual spiritual community that will unite the energies of those millions of people and connect them in ways that will allow us all to share and discuss and be inspired by these teachings.

We ask that you join us in this vision and this dream. We believe that, together and as individual explorers on the spiritual path, we will use our own light to begin building the links and the infrastructure that will allow this community to be identified, united and mutually supportive.

And so it is.

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Be enthusiastic about your life and about this day. Anticipate your good—not just that which your human consciousness would like to see result from this day, but that which is for your highest good. You cannot know exactly what or who will represent the perfect outworking of the divine plan for your life, or how it will happen. Simply know that your good is already on your path and eagerly anticipate its manifestation.

— Lessons from the Source