My Grandson, Easy, is my Role Model

I woke up yesterday feeling pretty grumpy, thinking about how tired and overworked and pressured I felt.  (Of course, when you work alone, there’s only one person to blame for all of that.) My morning devotionals helped bring a feeling of greater peace, but I certainly wasn’t feeling or expressing much joy.  I had coffee […]


Out of the Nowhere, Into the Here

As my family and friends will tell you, my mind stores an astonishing number of seemingly trivial bits of information that often manage to jump to the front of my brain and out of my mouth for no apparent reason. It’s an enjoyable, but odd, phenomenon. This morning I remembered a phrase my mother quoted […]


We Can Let Go Now, or We Can Let Go Later

The other day, as I found myself struggling with one or the other of life’s challenges, I realized that I had been trying to figure out why “I” hadn’t been able to make certain things happen the way “I” thought they should. Of course the teachings in Lessons from the Source, as in most spiritual […]


Truth Comes in Lots of Different Packages

A friend recently loaned me a copy of Remember Your Essence, a book published in 1987 by Paul Williams, and I’ve been using it as part of my morning devotionals (along with Unity’s Daily Word and a wonderful little book called Opening Doors Within by Eileen Caddy.) When I’m reading passages from Remember Your Essence, […]


So How Did this All Get Started, Anyway?

Breaking the news to friends and family members that I had been receiving and writing stuff about spirituality through a process that I couldn’t really understand or explain very well was no walk in the park. But once I finally gave in and decided to listen to the persistent inner urgings to share the writings […]


The Source Didn’t Offer Any Lessons About Blogging

To be honest with you, I never expected to be writing a blog.  But, of course I never expected to publish a book, either ― and look what happened!  Isn’t it a joy how life keeps offering us so many surprises? My life’s journey has been a wonderful adventure, and I’ve been richly blessed by […]


An Interview with Jack Armstrong

In this brief interview, Jack Armstrong discusses his book, Lessons from the Source, with host Linda Bard and describes the teachings he shares in the book and how he received them.

YouTube Preview Image


Apparently today’s audio e-mail had the wrong audio portion.  We will try again momentarily.  Sorry for the confusion.


Table of Contents

PART ONE: AN ORIENTATION TO THE JOURNEY       Chapter One: The Basic Truth                Unity with God and All Creation               Your Good is Always Here                Divine Order                  The Kingdom of God                Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life      Living on the Physical and Spiritual […]


The Unity of All Creation

Divine Energy Energy is an interesting topic. You relate to energy primarily in a physical sense ― how high your “energy level” is, whether you have enough energy to complete a task, etc. You might also think of energy as something that makes your appliances run or heats your home. True energy, however, is a […]


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