Let’s Build a Community!

Last fall I did an online survey asking for your input about the spiritual and life challenges you’re facing. The folks who responded were very open and candid (and I thank you for that!), and I found the results fascinating in several ways. What struck me immediately was that most of the issues people mentioned […]


Finding Sudden Inspiration from my Very Own Book

  For most of my life, I’ve been blessed with good physical health. A few little things now and then, but certainly nothing agonizing or life threatening. For almost two weeks now, I’ve been dealing with a medical issue that, again, is neither agonizing nor life threatening, but I honestly haven’t been handling it very […]


It’s Not Always Easy to Walk Our Talk

I had an experience earlier today that I want to share with you. I haven’t mentioned this before, but we’ve been working on a deck of cards with quotations from Lessons from the Source that we’re calling Wisdom Cards for the Soul. The process of putting them together has taken a long time, but they’re […]


Year-End Reflections

I have been spending time today reflecting on what has felt to my human consciousness like an extraordinarily difficult year. That contemplation has led to a feeling of peace and joyous anticipation not only of the year ahead, but of the rest of my journey as well. It occurred to me that I had received […]


Feeling Blessed on Father’s Day

I have much to be grateful for on Father’s Day. My Dad, William Armstrong, was born in a covered wagon near Boulder, CO, in 1900. He died in 1959, when I was 15, and while I have very fond memories of him, I missed out on the opportunity to truly get to know him after […]


A Farewell to Lynn

Last year sometime, I let go of my 20-plus years as a hospice volunteer. That role had always been extraordinarily rewarding and joyous (yes, that is the right word), but I felt like it was time to experience something new. So last fall I began a new volunteer gig, through a program called Project Linkage, […]


A Communication from This Morning

While I was on vacation recently, I shared with you a passage that I had received and transcribed the day before, and your response was very gratifying. This is the first time I’ve ever done this, but the message below came through in the last hour or so, and I’m feeling moved to share it […]


It’s Always Our Choice.

“They’re falling all around us.” A friend of more than 40 years and I were comparing notes the other day about friends of our “vintage” who either had made their transitions recently or were facing seemingly life-threatening physical challenges, and that was her way of expressing what is becoming one of the facts of life […]


A Gentle Nudge in the Morning

The Universe gave me one of its gentle little nudges this morning. As some of you know, I’ve been working (struggling, if the truth were known) for more than a year, trying to get a handle on the hundreds of thousands of words of spiritual teachings I’ve been receiving and transcribing for more than half […]


Accepting Unlimited Freedom

Many of you know that I have been receiving and transcribing spiritual teachings like those in Lessons from the Source for nearly 35 years, and that I have begun sharing some of the hundreds of thousands of words of unpublished material with you. The rather lengthy, yet powerful and complex, piece below came through on […]


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