I Want to Tell You to Simply Lighten Up

One thing that is becoming very clear as I look back through the 35 years worth of spiritual wisdom I’ve received is how frequently the messages are about letting go. I guess that’s not surprising, because that might just be the one overriding lesson we all need to learn. Here’s another passage that I’m sharing […]


You Have No Need to Understand the How or When or Why

Here’s yet another excerpt from my unpublished writings that I’m guessing will resonate with quite a few of you. It came through in January of 2008, when I was working feverishly on Lessons from the Source, getting it ready for publication. Interestingly, it speaks to me just as loudly today as it did then. Love […]


No Limitations of Any Kind

This is an audio version of a brief excerpt from the 35 years worth of writings that I hadn’t shared with anyone until now. On this one, you can read along as you listen.


You Are in Divine Order

This little paragraph from a lesson I received in 1996 seems to be a good reminder for all of us as we start the holiday weekend. Enjoy! Love and blessings. “You are in divine order. Never lose sight of that reality. Whatever transpires in your life on the physical plane can never alter it. Divine […]


Heir to the World’s Greatest Fortune

Here’s an unpublished excerpt from 1991 with a reminder we all might need to hear from time to time. “How would you conduct yourself in the world if you were the heir to the world’s greatest fortune or knew that you had immediate access to all of the resources and assistance and advice and support […]


You Are the Captain of Your Own Ship

Hey everybody, I’m continuing to explore different ways of sharing the unpublished writings I’ve been sitting on for so long, and here’s another audio segment. I’ll welcome your feedback. Thanks and blessings.


Remain at Peace, Even in the Face of Adversity

I transcribed this little passage about the challenges we all face in life almost 20 years ago, and it still resonates with me today. I’m guessing that it will speak to many of you, as well. “As you are seeing, the challenges to your attunement do not stop coming your way. It often seems as […]


Life is a Blessing of Enormous Magnitude

I’m going to be exploring a variety of ways of sharing my unpublished writings with you. Audio is one of my favorite media, and I’ll be posting recordings of me reading little excerpts a couple times a week. I’ll do my best to keep them under one minute. This one is about 30 seconds. Please […]


Starting to Share Unpublished Writings!

I’ve been talking for a long time about wanting to share with you some of the enormous volume of material I’ve been transcribing since 1978 that wasn’t included in Lessons from the Source. Well, folks, the wait is over, and now is the moment! This particular excerpt on letting go of the struggle is exactly […]


Does This Description from Source Fit You?

In my May 5 post, I wrote about the common challenge most of us on the spiritual path keep running into: In spite of how strong our spiritual beliefs might be, it can be really hard to remember them and put them into practice – and actually live them! – when life intervenes with challenges […]


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