Affirmations of the Soul, Volume One


Affirmations of the Soul, Volume One

Available in print and e-book formats.


The affirmations included in Affirmations of the Soul, which will be the first volume of a continuing series, address issues as varied as spiritual guidance, the manifestation of desires, letting go of despair, living in the moment and financial abundance. For example:

“I claim control of this day and of my life. My choices determine the state of my human consciousness, and I choose life! I choose joy, and my days are joyous. I choose love, and my being touches the very being of others. I choose peace, and my essence is calming. I choose light, and I am the light of the world.”


“I am alive with joy and enthusiasm. All my needs are being met. All things are working together for my highest good. I am blessed, and the endless flow of blessings carries me exactly where I need to go. Fear is gone. Doubt is gone. Lack is gone. The need to prove myself is gone. All negativity is now gone from my mind, emotions, body and life.”

The 31 affirmations included in this first volume can be used monthly, as a day-by-day devotional, or on the spur of the moment for inspiration in dealing with life’s challenges.

Since 1978, Armstrong has been receiving and transcribing spiritual wisdom through a form of channeling known as Inner Dictation (the same phenomenon through which A Course in Miracles was received). His previous publications, including his signature book, Lessons from the Source, have included clear and easy-to-understand teachings from Source about life and spirituality, but Affirmations of the Soul is the first to be devoted exclusively to some of the hundreds of affirmations he has received.



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Once you have given a negative thought or condition even the slightest bit of power or credibility, it will attempt to latch onto you with full determination, and it will take an even greater amount of determination on your part to rid yourself of it. Approach this task as if it were a life or death matter, for it is, in a spiritual sense.

— Lessons from the Source