Rejoice in the Uncertainty

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Rejoice in the Uncertainty

Embrace the new. Embrace the unknown. Rejoice in the uncertainty. Ask for guidance and know that you have it. Know that the way is being made clear. That is all you need to know. You do not need to know exactly where the path will lead, or what terrain it will carry you through, or who or what you will encounter along the way. Simply set foot on it, knowing that you are not alone, that your steps are being guided perfectly and effortlessly, and that joy and peace are yours at every moment, if only you will accept them.


I will live this day as God’s expression in the physical world. I will remember my true identity as a spiritual being and know that, from the perspective of my true beingness, all things are possible. All things. I release any concern about how or who or when, and I live in the peaceful, joyous certainty that all is well and that all things are working together, perfectly and effortlessly, for good.


A Note from Jack Armstrong

We’ve all heard about the importance of not allowing ourselves to get attached to specific outcomes in our lives. But that, of course, isn’t as easy as it sounds.

“This or something better” is a helpful affirmation that I’ve used for a long time, but it’s always so tempting (and so easy!) to start imagining what that “something better” might look like.

Feeling comfortable with the unknown (let alone embracing it) and being able to truly rejoice in the uncertainty about where we’re headed seems to me to be a remarkable test of our faith.

Embracing and rejoicing are powerful concepts, but if our goal really is to be able to let go of our human minds’ need to make things happen, and then to trust and allow our good to unfold, being excited about the unknown seems like an appropriate emotion.

None of us knows exactly what will happen this week, but let’s all try to rejoice in the possibilities.

Much love and many blessings.


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