Like Going to the Movies

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Like Going to the Movies

You do not need to make things happen. You are my expression. Simply allow that expression to happen through you. Open the channel and allow the flow.

When you are watching a movie, you allow its story to unfold without even contemplating trying to control it or to understand where the story line is going. You have willingly paid the admission fee and settled into the comfort of your chair, and you experience the story by simply allowing it to unfold. Use this as your example. Know that you are safe and protected and that you willingly and eagerly entered into this adventure – and then enjoy it. Allow it. Experience it. Thrive in it. Relish it. Embrace it. Be thrilled and amused and confused. Allow the emotions to flow.


I now center myself back into the flow of divine life, into my true, glorious identity as a perfect expression of God’s goodness in the world. I let go of the need to understand or figure out or make things happen, and I simply accept and remember my true identity, keep myself in the perfect and effortless flow of divine life, and allow – without any struggle or concern at all – my good to come into my life.


A Note from Jack Armstrong

The comparison between life and going to the movies has shown up on a number of occasions during the decades since I began receiving these teachings, and I especially enjoy this one.

It’s easy for us to get so caught up in a movie that we forget it’s only an illusion. Sound familiar? And, like life, when the storyline of a movie becomes confusing or sad or frightening, we do allow our emotions to flow.

Yet of course there’s a big difference. At the movies, we understand subconsciously that we won’t be harmed, and that we’re not in control of how things will turn out – and when the story is over, we can leave and go back to our “reality.” All we need to do is allow the sometimes crazy and unpredictable plot to unfold.

Shouldn’t it be our goal, as is suggested above, to use this as our example? Indeed, when this adventure we’re on is over, we will leave and go back to our reality as spiritual beings. Wouldn’t it all be a lot easier if we could simply allow it all to happen, knowing that all is well?

Much love and many blessings.


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