You Are on the Perfect Path

Your response to the excerpts from my unpublished writings that I’ve begun sharing has been very gratifying. I’m delighted to know they’ve been meaningful. Here’s another one that probably will resonate with most of us.

“You continue to allow your conscious mind to struggle with trying to understand why life is as it is in this moment and what you should do about it.

Simply accept. Simply know that you exist in perfection, and that I leave nothing to chance – for chance is a human concept that cannot quite yet accept the reality of effortless perfection.

You are on the perfect path. You are exactly where you need to be. It is all good, it is all perfect. Simply accept that truth and peacefully allow it all to unfold.

You will look back at this time of your life and smile at your need to understand. The best is yet to come.”

© Jack Armstrong

“What are the factors that disturb your peace of mind and heart? They are factors that you have given the power to do so. In and of themselves, these people or conditions or circumstances have no power over youunless you grant it to them.”