Let Go of the Need to Control or Understand

This excerpt from the writings I only now am beginning to share was transcribed in August of 2010.

“You do not need to know the next steps in the journey. You do not need to struggle. You do not need to understand. Your role is simply to allow.

‘But I must take action on the physical plane,’ you are saying, ‘or I will have no role at all.’ This, of course, is true, but you do not need to consciously figure out what the action is to be, and you certainly do not need to concern yourself with the ultimate outcome. You will be guided and directed, as you always have been.

Let go of the need to control or understand. What if you were to replace those with experiencing wonder in the moment – with simply having fun? That is hard for you even to imagine at this moment, but it truly is what you should be allowing to happen.”
© Jack Armstrong

“Once you have given a negative thought or condition even the slightest bit of power or credibility, it will attempt to latch onto you with full determination, and it will take an even greater amount of determination on your part to rid yourself of it. Approach this task as if it were a life or death matter, for it is, in a spiritual sense.”