I Want to Tell You to Simply Lighten Up

One thing that is becoming very clear as I look back through the 35 years worth of spiritual wisdom I’ve received is how frequently the messages are about letting go. I guess that’s not surprising, because that might just be the one overriding lesson we all need to learn. Here’s another passage that I’m sharing for the first time. Many blessings to you.

“Your life is in divine order. If you can accept and understand and integrate that reality, the restrictions of negativity which you allow to limit your expression of goodness can have no effect on you, and they will fade away from your life, making it that much easier for peace and joy and love to flow freely and naturally from my spirit within you out into the physical world, where they will touch my spirit within the hearts of untold numbers of other people.

Accept divine order and all that it means. Then relax and let go of all of the artificial restrictions to the expression of your goodness. I want to tell you to simply lighten up. The burdens which you are carrying are mine to bear. See yourself as one with the flow of divine life and release the burdens to the flow. Bless them and send them on their way. Feel yourself being completely free of them – whatever they may be. You have attracted them to yourself, and you have accepted them. You may just as easily reject them and release them.

Go back and re-read this lesson at least twice and absorb it into your being. If you can do this, your path will be clear and perfect.”
© Jack Armstrong

“This is your true and natural purpose and function in the physical worldto remember and re-learn your unity with me, and then to express that unity through your own joy, peace, love, and goodness. It is simple and natural and direct.”