You Have No Need to Understand the How or When or Why

Here’s yet another excerpt from my unpublished writings that I’m guessing will resonate with quite a few of you. It came through in January of 2008, when I was working feverishly on Lessons from the Source, getting it ready for publication. Interestingly, it speaks to me just as loudly today as it did then. Love and blessings to all of you.

“Do not try to plan or calculate how you will bring about the manifestation of what you desire. That is not your concern. The logistics are mine – so why is it, again, that you should ever allow yourself to fret or be fearful? What we are discussing here is the very essence of freedom and liberation. If you have no need to understand the how or when or why and can simply claim and accept your good, you are free of all the self-generated negativity. You are liberated from the emotional jail you have built around you.

Accept the blessings, even when you cannot see or comprehend them; give thanks for them, even when you know not what they are; allow the natural expression of joy that results from that acceptance and gratitude; and be an expression to the world of the enthusiastic anticipation of the blessings that then are generated.

Interesting how simple it seems, isn’t it? It is, in fact, that simple. Effortless, in fact.”

© Jack Armstrong

“The lack of peace in your mindhowever it manifests itselfis an indication that you are giving power to people or conditions in the world around you, rather than relying exclusively on the power that is within you. You create your own unpeacefulness by your reactions to the illusions of pressure or tension or despair that appear around you.”