Starting to Share Unpublished Writings!

I’ve been talking for a long time about wanting to share with you some of the enormous volume of material I’ve been transcribing since 1978 that wasn’t included in Lessons from the Source. Well, folks, the wait is over, and now is the moment!

This particular excerpt on letting go of the struggle is exactly what I needed to hear today, and I’m hoping you’ll find it as helpful as I have. Enjoy!

“Your desires in your life are my desires for you. Never forget that. My will for you is that those desires be realized. Never doubt that. Do not spend energy concerning yourself with the details. I will take care of them. You as a physical entity need not try to force them. They, too, are part of the flow that is always there. Simply give thanks that all is in divine order, listen for my guidance, and act accordingly. When you do act, do so with joy, peace, love and enthusiasm, for in so doing you are acting as my expression of goodness and truth, and you will be actively drawing your good to you.

Never doubt. Always believe and trust and live your life accordingly. Your life does not have to be difficult or frustrating – in fact, that is just the opposite of what it should be. It should be easy and free flowing and effortless and perfect, and it will be so when you cease worrying and doubting and fretting and simply allow your good to flow to you and to materialize in your world. The struggle is painful and is not productive. So why not let go of it? It is unnecessary and counterproductive. It serves no positive purpose in your life. Let go of it. Your goal is to let go of it forever, but your first step is to let go of it for today.”
© Jack Armstrong

“You must accept the reality (and it is the ultimate reality) that you have ultimate and complete power over what happens to you on the physical plane. Reject the illusion of helplessness, of lack, of all of this being out of your control. Through your faith and right action, your good can come to you in an instant and keep multiplying. You control your own destiny. You are part of infinite goodness.”