Remain at Peace, Even in the Face of Adversity

I transcribed this little passage about the challenges we all face in life almost 20 years ago, and it still resonates with me today. I’m guessing that it will speak to many of you, as well.

“As you are seeing, the challenges to your attunement do not stop coming your way. It often seems as if, just as you are making progress, something new comes into your life that seems almost designed to throw you off balance. How you handle these challenges as they occur is very significant.

Know that none of these things can harm you. Know that your highest good is assured. Know that your life is in divine order. Know that all is well.

As new challenges present themselves, do your best to take them in stride. Realize that your response to them will determine, to a large extent, the impact they will have on you. If you give them power over you – if you allow them to control your emotions, your attunement will be jeopardized, which in turn will jeopardize the manifestation of the good which you desire.

Remain at peace, even in the face of adversity.”
© Jack Armstrong

“What are the factors that disturb your peace of mind and heart? They are factors that you have given the power to do so. In and of themselves, these people or conditions or circumstances have no power over youunless you grant it to them.”