Let’s Build a Community!

Last fall I did an online survey asking for your input about the spiritual and life challenges you’re facing.

The folks who responded were very open and candid (and I thank you for that!), and I found the results fascinating in several ways.

What struck me immediately was that most of the issues people mentioned are ones I either had spent a good bit of my life struggling with – or that still are daily challenges for me.

Also, a lot of the comments were about the same basic issues – negative emotions, feelings of inadequacy, trouble letting go, not being able to manifest the good they desire, financial supply, etc.

But the thing that jumped out at me as I was reading hundreds of very emotional statements about people’s struggles was that there was an undercurrent, or subtext, that seemed to be saying:

“It’s really hard to actually live these spiritual truths that we believe and understand and accept.”

Bingo! That began to resonate immediately, because I often find myself feeling that same way, and I think it’s a common thread that unites most (if not all) of us on the spiritual path.

People were saying things like this:

I want to have a deep connection with Source, but I’m so lost in the mental chatter that I’m constantly missing the now.

I understand and truly believe the concepts, but things aren’t changing for me in my life.

I have trouble letting go of control. I try to orchestrate things, rather than just allowing.

I feel stuck, self absorbed and self conscious. Part of me is awake, but I’ve hidden it away because of fear.

I keep asking for guidance, but it feels like nothing is going right in my life right now.

Do those ring a bell with you? They certainly did with me, and that helped me clarify the role I want to be playing in the world for the rest of my life’s journey.

As I think about Lessons from the Source and the wealth of other spiritual wisdom I’ve been blessed to receive from Source since 1978, it occurs to me that almost all those teachings offer us guidance and support in dealing with that one common thread.

They’re gentle reminders of what we already know, and they provide a helpful perspective on life’s challenges, as well as suggestions about how we can integrate the truth we believe into our daily lives.

I’ve been sitting on more than 35 years worth of truly remarkable, transformative writings that aren’t in the book and that I’ve never shown to anyone else. I can try at some point to explain my rationale for that, but it’s not really important.

My commitment to you now is that the delay is over, and I’m going to open up that treasure trove of wisdom and begin finding ways to share it with you.

I’m not sure yet exactly what that sharing will look like, but there clearly are untold numbers of people like you and me who long to be able to walk our talk and live the truths we believe. I’m certain these teachings will be invaluable, and I’ll find ways to get them out there.

I’m going to start communicating with you in some new ways, including video, but I’d love to be able to have two-way communications about these new teachings, and I would welcome your ideas about how we might do that.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to build a community of people around the world for whom this wisdom from Source can be an ongoing  blessing? I’m setting that as my intention, and I hope you’ll join with me in helping to make it happen.

5 Responses to “Let’s Build a Community!”

  1. Alissa Bender says:

    Thank you

  2. Alissa Bender says:

    I love learning from you


    Love listening and learning :) wonderful post !!~~ thank youu !!~~

  4. Debra Oakland says:

    This is great news Jack. The idea of a community of people around the world is wonderful and will be an ongoing blessing. Thank you!

  5. David Knight says:

    Good luck with this Jack … am sure you will be guided to do what is right for love and light’s progress and transition in these ‘modern times’. God bless and peace as always … your kindred spirit across the pond. Dave-AscensionForYou

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