Year-End Reflections

I have been spending time today reflecting on what has felt to my human consciousness like an extraordinarily difficult year. That contemplation has led to a feeling of peace and joyous anticipation not only of the year ahead, but of the rest of my journey as well.

It occurred to me that I had received a message last year on December 31 that was helpful, so I looked it up and have decided to share it with you. No one else has ever seen it. I trust that it will offer an important perspective to you as you prepare yourself for the year ahead. Much love, many blessings, and Happy New Year to all of you.

December 31, 2012
This latest year of “time” along your journey is ending. Close the books on it, for it is gone. You have experienced pain and joy and wonder and amazement, but they were all episodes that occurred in specific moments that have passed into nothingness. They can have no impact on your eternal beingness. You experienced them, you accepted them, and you continued forward on your journey.

As we have discussed so often, time is but an illusionary framework for souls on journeys in the physical world. It is an artful and a helpful illusion, because it allows for effective functioning in the world, and it offers a perspective through which one can measure his or her growth along the spiritual path.

Accept time as an interesting and helpful tool for functioning in the world, but do not become its servant. Your true spiritual beingness lives beyond time, beyond any limitations. As this major annual (another reference to time) landmark moment in “time” arrives, use it to reflect on your true reality and your movement along the spiritual path.

You could calculate how many days and hours and minutes in time you have experienced since your arrival on the planet, yet you have no idea how many more are left for you to enjoy (and, yes, that is the purpose of it all).

As you look ahead and try to envision where your path might lead next, resist the temptation to place deadlines (what an interesting term!) on yourself. You cannot know when your ultimate “dead” line will be, so allow yourself to feel the freedom and bliss of the moment.

Express my essence in every moment (for that will be your reality after you return), and simply know that your good is always available to you, that I am always with you, that your pathway is always cleared in front of you, and allow the blessings and goodness and beauty and light and miracles and guidance that are always yours, effortlessly and perfectly, to appear in your life on earth, and then rejoice and give thanks and sing praises for the truth of your beingness.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Have fun – today, tomorrow, and during the rest of your journey. Happy new moments! I love you. Many blessings.

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  1. gladys hilgert says:

    very inspirationa I WOULD LIKE TO BUY THE BOOK.

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