A Gentle Nudge in the Morning

The Universe gave me one of its gentle little nudges this morning.

As some of you know, I’ve been working (struggling, if the truth were known) for more than a year, trying to get a handle on the hundreds of thousands of words of spiritual teachings I’ve been receiving and transcribing for more than half my lifetime.

I’ll be telling you a lot more about that, but the short version is that I had allowed myself to become frustrated and discouraged and felt like I was getting nowhere with that process, so I decided a few weeks ago to let go of it for the time being.

Since then, I’ve been focusing much of my attention (for the first time in quite a while) on finding new ways to create greater awareness of Lessons from the Source. I had gotten so caught up in all the other material that I hadn’t been thinking much at all about the book.

It’s been more than four years now since it was published, and the high energy and animated discussion about it that folks were experiencing and engaging in during the first year or two had fallen off, and I hadn’t been thinking much about the very real ways in which is has impacted people’s lives.

So I began exploring a few new approaches to creating greater visibility for the book, but without really allowing myself to acknowledge, at a deep level, the remarkable transformational affect it has had on so many readers.

This morning I was feeling moved to pull out a book I hadn’t read for quite a while (Remember Your Essence by Paul Williams) and to begin using it as part of my morning devotionals. So I found it, and there tucked inside the back cover was a long e-mail that my wonderful Joan had sent me, more than three years ago when we were living in separate cities.

At that time, I was struggling (there’s that word again) with figuring out how to market Lessons from the Source, and in the e-mail Joan was encouraging me to visualize outcomes in several different areas of my life. Near the end, she said:

“Imagine and feel yourself in a bookshop, sitting on a chair next to a table containing stacks of your books. A customer is picking up your book, opening it, reading a passage at random. Then she smiles and closes her eyes for a few seconds. When she opens them they are a bit watery as she says, ‘Wow, that is just exactly what I needed to read today.’ Feel how good it feels to connect with this woman and to know that you have just experienced – in person, one-on-one – the reason why you were given the lessons.”

Then, immediately after reading that and smiling to myself, I checked my e-mail and found one from someone who was responding to an e-mail with a quote from the book that I had sent to my mailing list a few days ago. In her message she said, in part:

“I wanted to let you know that I’m loving the Lessons from the Source e-book I purchased a little while ago. I’m savouring it like the best chocolate on the planet for chocolate lovers, absorbing everything in much detail and understanding all that it has meant to my current journey.”

And then she asked: “Have you written, or do you have, other material to share?”

Well of course I do. And all of you will have an opportunity to experience it.

Those two back-to-back reminders of how powerful and important the teachings I’ve been receiving for so long really are came at a perfect moment for me. It feels like some of the obstacles and blockages that I had created in my own mind to finding new ways of sharing this material with you are melting away.

It’s going to be fun to see how things unfold from here.

One Response to “A Gentle Nudge in the Morning”

  1. Stana says:

    Welcome back Jack

    I’m hanging out to share in the fun that you will be unfolding from here on moving forward. You truly inspire me in my journey and you help me to understand that it’s not as difficult as the pressure we apply on ourselves unnecessarily. After all we are supposed to enjoy, love, have fun and go with the flow of this beautiful journey bestowed upon us. I have learnt to appreciate my moments and revel in the lessons that have contributed to the free spirit that I am today.

    Your messages are also timely that reinforce our own faith and belief in ourselves that everything does unfold at the exact right time. We just need to learn that little thing called “patience” and most of all “Trust”.

    We are all in this journey together,as you say and I’m so glad to be a part of your world. You have touched my soul in more ways than I can express through your teachings from the “Lessons from the Source”.

    Stana from all the way down under
    “Melbourne, Australia”

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