A Spiritual Perspective on Thanksgiving from Lessons from the Source

Each Thanksgiving, I try to remember to share the passage below from the section on Gratitude in Lessons from the Source. It came through on Thanksgiving Day, 1995, and I can still remember how fast I had to write to keep up with it. I love the way it describes the cornucopia as a reminder of our endless stream of blessings and encourages us to make the giving of thanks a daily practice.

My life has been richly blessed, and I have so much to be grateful for. Being able to get to know, and communicate with, so many people I’ve never even met ranks right up there on my list, and I want you to know how very much I appreciate your friendship and support and encouragement. My best wishes to each of you for a peaceful, joyous Thanksgiving.

“Happy Thanksgiving! The two words go together in a wonderful and perfect way, for joy and thanksgiving are symbiotic. When you realize how much there is to be thankful for and then express that thanks, joy is your natural companion. Likewise, when you are able to express fully the joy that is always within you, the giving of thanks is a natural byproduct.

Let your mind be filled now with the realization of all that you “have” or have experienced that is worthy of thanks. If you can accept the reality that there is good in everything and every experience, then your mind will be like the cornucopia so often seen on Thanksgiving Day—a ceaseless flow of blessings.

The concept of the cornucopia is, of course, a representation of reality. At the small, pointy end of the cornucopia basket, there clearly is no room (from your limited perspective) for much of anything. Yet from this seeming nothingness flows an unceasing supply of blessings and riches. And thus, it is with your life. There are many blessings around you that you think you understand and that you almost take for granted. And yet at a time of need—no matter what the needed blessing may be—you begin to wonder “how in the world” (another interesting phrase of the race consciousness that indicates a built-in perception of limitation because of the perceived limitations of the laws of the physical world) the needed or desired result can ever come to pass.

At such times, remember the cornucopia. Its ceaseless flow of blessings comes from an unseen source and is seemingly impossible, because the flow begins at a point where there appears to be nothing. This flow of blessings is the same phenomenon we have been discussing. The cornucopia is a commonly accepted symbol in the physical world of this phenomenon. Use it as a visual trigger to help put you into the flow. Keep it in your mind as a reminder of your reality.

The giving of thanks is extremely important. This act is an expression of your realization of the source of all of your good. As you give thanks, that realization will become stronger, and you will increase your awareness of your unity with me. Enjoy the process of giving thanks on this day that others have designated for this purpose, and let it serve as a stimulus to you for making the giving of thanks a continuous process that takes place naturally and spontaneously every day of your life.”

2 Responses to “A Spiritual Perspective on Thanksgiving from Lessons from the Source”

  1. Rick Webb says:

    Wayne Dyer says ‘there are no accidents in a universe which has an organiizing intelligence that supports it and creates it’. I’m glad you were chosen to share these ‘GOOD’ words. I am GRATEFUL each day for the abundance I have and for reconnecting with you and your daily Facebook postings. Happy Thanksgivng. Life IS Good!! Rick

  2. Jordan says:

    I am inspired by the Thanksgiving lesson from the Source, and I’m very grateful to you for sharing it with us. Plus, I love the Wayne Dyer quote that Rick shared. I receive Lessons from the Source posts in my email, and I’m very grateful for all the wisdom and inspiration delivered. Now that I have found your blog, I’ll be visiting here often. JOY!

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