Letting Go of the Intimidation

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to be exploring some new and more frequent ways to communicate with you.

I feel honored and blessed by the way you continue to respond to the little excerpts from Lessons from the Source and the other spiritual quotations that I’ve been sharing with you on Twitter and Facebook. But until now, I haven’t been willing to let you know much about me.

One of the many wondeful things about the social media is that they allow us to meet, and then to develop friendships with, kindred spirits from around the world.

But for some folks like me, who are in the autumn of our years, that still is almost too big a concept to comprehend, and I’m afraid I’ve allowed most of the sharing in our communications to be pretty one-sided.

I sometimes feel like I’ve been hiding behind the book and all those quotations without being open with all of you about my own life experiences.

Each person’s life journey is a series of challenges and opportunities, joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. When we’re able to share the experiences we’ve had and the lessons we’ve learned along the way with others, we’re recognizing and accepting our common humanity. Hearing another person’s perspective on his or her journey often allows us to gain a better understanding of our own.

One of the reasons I’ve limited my own interactions with you online is that I’ve allowed myself to buy into the concept that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. We all understand intellectually that that’s a bunch of baloney, but an intellectual understanding doesn’t always translate into a change in the way we live our lives.

As a kid, I was given a strong and consistent message that I wasn’t good enough, that no matter how hard I tried, my best was “none too good.” And that old, deeply ingrained belief has been very difficult for me to let go of over the years.

That lingering feeling of inadequacy, combined with the fact that nothing about computers or the internet has ever come intuitively to me, has made me feel intimidated about becoming more than superficially involved online.

My inner dialogue, which often is dominated by my human consciousness, has been a continuing series of “I can’t” messages: I don’t know what to do; I don’t understand all this technical stuff; I don’t have anybody to help me; I don’t have enough time in the day to figure it all out – and on and on and on.

So, rather than living the wisdom that I have allowed to come through me and that I’ve shared in the book – that our good is always available to us, but that we often block it by giving power to thoughts or people or conditions in the world around us – I’ve gotten caught up in the illusions and allowed myself to struggle with them.

As many of you know, I’ve been receiving and writing down wisdom like the passages I’ve shared in the book for more than three decades, and I continue to do so. One of the most frequent urgings in recent messages has been to simply let go of the struggle and allow my path to unfold effortlessly and perfectly. And I’m making some progress with that.

I’ve given up the need to try to understand all of the intricacies of social media and the internet, because it had become a daily struggle for me, and I finally decided to let it go.

It seems to me that if I can find ways to communicate with you by simply being me, like writing these blog posts as if I were talking to a friend, I might be able to help make the teachings in the book more meaningful to you.

Besides enjoying the written word, one of the gifts I’ve been given is being able to communicate verbally in a way that seems to connect with others.

Recording the audiobook version of Lessons from the Source that will be coming out soon has been a very enjoyable process for me, and I’m hoping it will make the teachings in the book accessible to more people.

I’m also thinking about doing some free conference calls in which we can have conversations about the book and I can answer your questions. And I’m guessing that other ideas will begin to present themselves, as well. In fact, if you have any that you’d like to suggest, I would love to hear them.

3 Responses to “Letting Go of the Intimidation”

  1. Darla S says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog and I’m looking forward to reading your book. Hard to believe that you have felt “not good enough”. Thank you so much for sharing yourself!

  2. Andrew Smith says:

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