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From Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life

Section Five: Rejecting and Releasing Negativity

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(9 of 10) To doubt that the right thing will happen is to imply that your conscious mind knows what is for your highest good. Remember that nothing can happen to you that is not for your highest good. Whatever happens is a blessing and should be considered as such. Doubting that you deserve your good is a remnant of the outlook on life that you grew up with—that you were never quite good enough. You must totally put this out of your consciousness. It is the most insidious form of human thought.

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“The lack of peace in your mindhowever it manifests itselfis an indication that you are giving power to people or conditions in the world around you, rather than relying exclusively on the power that is within you. You create your own unpeacefulness by your reactions to the illusions of pressure or tension or despair that appear around you.”