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From Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life

Section Five: Rejecting and Releasing Negativity

TECHNIQUES: Recognize and Acknowledge the Situation

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(3 of 14) Focus closely on what it is that is hindering you. Understand it and what is happening. Acknowledge to yourself that you are, in fact, giving this situation or circumstance power that it does not deserve over you. Face the situation squarely, recognize it for what it is, and then bid it farewell. This sounds much easier than it is, you are thinking, and you are right—at least initially. At the outset, it will require work on your part. The acknowledgment of what is happening (your giving power to the circumstance) is the hardest part. Your conscious mind can become so absorbed in the situation that it is often very difficult to clear away the clouds and let the light of truth shine through to you.

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“It is far easier to accept the negative condition or state of mind as just the way it is than it is to reject it and accept your good. When you have become successful at doing so on a regular basis, it will strike you as one of the great ironies that you were more comfortable with negativity than with goodness. But you will see that it is because the acceptance of negativity is much easier and requires far less effort on the part of your conscious mind than does the conscious decision to accept only your good.”