What if it All Worked Out Perfectly?

On Page 20 of Lessons from the Source, in the section about illusions, the voice speaking through the writings asks:

How would you function in your life if you knew that every situation was going to work out perfectly?

That question came to my mind this morning immediately after learning that Lessons from the Source was not one of the books that had been selected to be among the top 25 finalists in the Next Top Author competition.

Not surprisingly, the first reaction from my conscious human mind was one of disappointment, because I had seen the competition as a way in which the teachings in the book might be made available to a much larger audience of people around the world.

Like many of you, I struggle to actually live some of the teachings in the book on a daily basis ― even though I understand them intellectually and believe them without reservation. My initial disappointment at the news about the competition was a good example of that. Things hadn’t worked out the way I had hoped and expected! Why not? Now what? Things certainly didn’t seem to me to be working out perfectly ― but that, of course, was based on my human mind’s limited interpretation of perfection.

Fortunately that reaction didn’t last long. Reaching for the book and reading the rest of that passage was helpful right away in centering me again in the truth of that lesson.

Here is the entire passage:

Your job is to accept the reality of divine order and allow it to guide your life. How would you function in your life if you knew that every situation was going to work out perfectly? Your first reaction would be to stop worrying about outcomes or how this person or that situation would affect a specific outcome. You could relax and enjoy the journey, knowing that the perfect outcome was assured.

This, of course, is exactly the case. Divine order and your unity with me assure it. Try looking at a specific situation as a thrill ride at an amusement park. The ride might be turbulent and scary, and it might even cause your physical body to become ill, but at the end, your safety would be assured. Once you became assured of your safety, you could ride again and again, and enjoy the thrills each time in the knowledge that they would not last and that you were being protected.

This is a very appropriate analogy. If you can accept that there is a perfect plan for your life, that there is good in every situation, and that the perfect outcome is assured because you are in divine order, then you can enjoy the turbulence and the surprises, for the uncertainty of it all is only an illusion.

Have fun with life. It is meant to be enjoyed. Accept the reality that all is well, and peacefully and joyously enjoy the ride.

What jumped out at me when I read the passage this time was that the word “enjoy” appears five times in those few paragraphs. One of the recurring themes in the book, and in the writings that I have continued to transcribe over the years, is a reminder to let go of our need to be in control, to open ourselves to the guidance that is always available, and then to allow life to unfold perfectly and effortlessly as part of the divine order of the Universe ― and to relax and enjoy the journey.

I just now found myself smiling at the old joke: “Do you know how to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.”

Many of you know that, in recent years, I have come to understand that my life’s work is to share the teachings I have been given with others who can benefit from them. But that certainly had not been part of my plans for this stage of my life.

Self publishing Lessons from the Source was the first step in sharing the teachings, and it is clear from the comments I’ve received from so many of you for whom the book has had a profound impact that doing so was extraordinarily important, but for most of my life I never would have imagined doing such a thing. It wasn’t in my plans.

My plans during the last few months have been to have the book advance in the competition to a point where a major publisher would find it irresistible and make it available in book stores around the world. And once again, God is laughing ― though gently and compassionately and reassuringly.

I already have let go of those plans and smiled at the fact that I had allowed them to become so all-consuming. What the next step, or steps, in sharing the lessons will be isn’t clear, but my commitment to myself and to the Universe is to allow the perfect plan to unfold effortlessly in my life and to enjoy the experience.

The passion and enthusiasm that so many of you have shown for the book, and the love, support and encouragement that you’ve given me during this little adventure have meant more than I will ever be able to express to you. It is an honor sharing the journey with you, and it will be fun to see where it leads from here.  I am sending much love and many blessings to each of you.

13 Responses to “What if it All Worked Out Perfectly?”

  1. Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary says:

    Hi Jack,

    Yes everything will just work out perfectly. I have proven myself how, with love and acceptance, problems dissolved, and things just fall into perfect position–at times, even beyond expectation, at times, under expectation. But then, it is perfect in its own way.

    And I am still struggling to remember on daily basis, like you.

    Let us remind each other :)

  2. aine says:

    precisely what i needed to read — at precisely this moment. thank you. and wishing you great success!

  3. Shirley says:

    Jack, what an inspiration you are. Reading your words both from your book and on facebook has been something I have looked forward to over the past weeks and look forward to in the future. I still have trainer wheels on but this ‘letting go’ is a wonderful revelation. Difficult to maintain, for me, but I can feel the power of it. Just to let go of our expectations, our significant plans, allow them to freely go to fruition or change before our eyes. Wonderful. Thankyou again for being there, Jack.

  4. Agnes Amamoo says:

    Unbelievable!! many thanks this just reinforces the fact that all has been well with me all along. More so this past couple of weeks. It felt like I had been torpedoed. But for once It did not phase me at all. So many many thanks for this lesson I really needed this blessed assurance. Once again thank you.

  5. Sharon Duquette says:

    Thank you for sharing this post with me Jack as I, like you had hopes to continue to Round 3 and beyond, but deep down I let go of the outcome before signing up and of course I tried my best (and at times too hard, which means in those moments I was not letting go , not in the flow and in control) but I do believe that you as well as I are on our path and by helping one or millions isn’t really the point if we are truly fully helping with an open heart. So I was both sad and proud and today I feel much better for allowing myself the human emotions that go with big efforts. I thank you for your posts and I beleive that when we follow our hearts everything right is happening in divine time, we get caught up in human time and forget that its all perfect just as it is. I have no regrets and much joy for the many wonderful stories and expereinces since entering this competition and only good can come from this, for all of us who are putting ourselves and our expereinces out there to help others. In God’s time is fine by me (today, and some days I will have to remind myself of this over and over again) then I will remind myself that this too shall pass and feel better again. Blessings and gratitude for all of your loving and kind words, and thanks for this post, I hope all of us who entered can enjoy the journey and realize success is in the effort, not the outcome. Blessings, Sharon Duquette

  6. Jacqueline DeWylde says:

    Hi Jack,
    I know you are a very busy man but if you have a chance to email me I would like to communicate with you for a bit. Have a wonderful day and never measure your success by the outcomes of a contest. There are so many more variables to it than the quality of your writing. I just discovered you this morning from a post on my facebook page. I’m anxious to read more after reading this post. Know that you are a blessing. :)

  7. Melody Lynn says:

    Oh Jack you are perfect..lessons lessons lessons. We never stop getting them. I myself am going through a change, by that I mean my job is just about over, and I will be moving, and reading your words always validate my being ok and taken cared for by the universe. I don’t have any idea what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be living but I know I’m loved and I have purpose where ever I am. Your words help me everyday…You have won..You received messages and you did something with them.It takes courage to tell what you receive..You will continue to be blessed, because you know when you are! Happy Happy days….Melody Lynn

  8. Jack Armstrong says:

    I have been deeply moved by all of your comments. The fact that you have been willing to share your personal experiences, and that the passages from the book have had such a powerful impact on your lives, means more than I can express to you.

    It is wonderfully exciting and encouraging to know that so many people around the world are seeking interpretations of truth that will be meaningful to them, and then working to actually put them into practice in their daily lives. We all have much to look forward to.

    Peace and blessings.

  9. David l Knight says:

    Hi Jack, just wanted to thankyou for your thoughts and explanation above. One of my friends used to say to me…. David your always thinking ahead and how much you have to do….this, that and all the things that need completing. Look behind you and see the success that you have achieved / or work that has now been completed!

    You too Jack….look at how far and of what you have achieved so far. There in lies your strength and endeavour. If i was near you i would shake your hand and pat you on the back, ” Well done Sir” I would say. It would be great if we could communicate via e-mail too…lots i could chat to you about….i am also hoping to launch the 3rd book Lessons from God (that i mentioned to you) over the next 6-8 weeks ..fingers crossed! God Bless and have a great weekend….oh and ps….of course I’m still sorry you never made it through Jack! …take care Dave AscensionForYou

  10. Lee-Anne says:

    Hi Jack, I didn’t make it through round 1. When I wasn’t on the original list of 150, I went through a dark night of the soul. So much arose in me, many younger days and events and the shadows of a past self long forgotten. Insecurity, feeling unwanted, being told I wasn’t good enough etc.
    Strangely the 250 person (or so) list of who went through to Round 2 came out and my name wasn’t there. Such JOY ripped through me, the smile was on my face for days afterwards and freedom sang in my heart. To be released from the prison of timetables and expectations filled me with Joy.
    Your book will be published and you will fill the hearts of many, many readers with light and remembered Divinity. This I know.


  11. Gwen Lepard says:

    Jack, You are so wonderful and truly an inspiration to me and so many others. Your reaction to finding out that you hadn’t gone on is a perfect example of how to be an evolving human being with a deep connection with heart, soul, spirit and the Divine.

    Many blessings and much love,


  12. Tim says:

    Hey Jack,
    Have I told you recently how much you inspire me? It’s been a real tough time for me lately and I absolutely understand about being “consumed”. Now that I’ve let go what was literally eating me, I feel a thousand times better, my outlook on life is better, my outlook on myself is better and I have never felt healthier at any time in my life! I greatly appreciate and value our friendship and hope one day to be able to sit down with you and just chat for a spell.
    Your friend,

  13. Gary Lange says:

    Oh Jack Oh Lantern
    Even on Holloween, Lanters light the way,
    but maybe your plane would crash or your heart would smash like a pumkin being tossed away,
    just as your book tour began one fatefull day?? aY?

    In all seriousness, Thanks for the constant reminder to appreaciate what is, and not get stuck wishing for what could have been.. I’ve been there done that, and am trying to retool my own self. without defining god, I try to remember to say, “Thank You God,” to all things, whether they apear good or bad. In the end, this aproach has me saying, “Thank You LIFE,” to every breath, every moment, every car on every highway, and every tree. When I am in this state of gratitude, LIFE has a way of thanking me back.. it is somewhat magical..
    Those of us on the inside looking out, say, “Thank You God,” twenty seven times for all things that happen, Good or Bad…and hence live in a state of suspence and enjoyment, Those on the outside looking in, feel locked out, and don’t know how to get in into the “INNER CIRCLE’ Think of the painting, “The SCREAM,” been there, done that

    22 days ago I called the ambulence because I found my father crumpled up in the shower having a stroke and a heart attack,,, while in the ambulence, I kept saying, “thank You God,” over and over, It gave me the strength to call my Sufi friends and my Attunement friends and get prayer in action chains rolling.. The next day, while waiting in the hospital, “waiting room,” during a very risky heart cathador procedure on my dad that I feared had gone very bad, I kept saying my, “Thank You God’s,” And in so doing, I stood tall, like an angel with it’s wings spread over the 87 years of my fathers life, Thanking god for his incredable life,
    well, as the hours ticked away, and I was sitting alone, I almost went “crystal,” what ever that means, but I did feel very light,, in both meanings of the word, even when contemplating his funeral arrangements and such
    … then lo and behold, I found out no one had bothered to inform me that the procedure had went well, and that he was already up in his room wondering where I was…
    Well, I’m taking my dad home tomorrow, Thank You god

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