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From Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life

Section Three: A Higher Perspective

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(9 of 12) It is agonizingly difficult for you to find the blessings in life’s most difficult moments, but it is essential that your faith remind you of the importance of acting as if they were there. Offer thanks for them, even when you have no idea what those blessings might be. Believe that there is a higher truth and another reality where everything is, in fact, working together for good. This is not always a truth that you can fully know, and there will be times when your doubt or sadness or anger or outrage will challenge this truth. So be it.

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“You are in divine order. Always remember this and understand all that it implies. Just as the sun rises each morning, and your bodily systems function without conscious effort, and leaves appear from nowhere in the spring, you are carrying out the divine plan for your life, and your good will unfold for you as it should at the appropriate moment. Relax in your knowledge of this certainty.”