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From Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life

Section Three: A Higher Perspective

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(7 of 12) Rejoice in your good, but rejoice also in what might commonly be perceived as your “bad.” For if you truly believe that your life is unfolding as part of the divine order of the universe, you will know that your good will manifest in a perfect way and with perfect timing. You will rest secure in the knowledge that whatever happens in your life is part of the perfect process of the unfoldment of your good. When you see your life on earth from this perspective, the negatives will fade away from your path, for you will know that they cannot influence you.

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“If you make your claim on your good, you will be directed concerning the appropriate steps to take to ensure its manifestation in your physical world. But you must not fret about how and when your good will reach you. It is already there. It is already yours. Release your concerns and know that it is there. Listen for the guidance that will be given you, take appropriate action, and then do not concern yourself again. You cannot control the timing or the form of your good. Your responsibility is to claim it and accept it and then know with total certainty that it is yours.”