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From Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life

Section Three: A Higher Perspective

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(6 of 12) Seeing, or imaging, your good is a function of your imagination, which is one of your most powerful tools. This is how your dreams and goals and aspirations come about. You allow your consciousness to become more attuned with me, and you are given glimpses of your good. When these glimpses are implanted, your own desire and commitment and faith can bring what you have seen into manifestation in your life in the physical world. Have faith, believe in your good, and live your life joyously. Your good is yours for the claiming.

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“You are in divine order. Always remember this and understand all that it implies. Just as the sun rises each morning, and your bodily systems function without conscious effort, and leaves appear from nowhere in the spring, you are carrying out the divine plan for your life, and your good will unfold for you as it should at the appropriate moment. Relax in your knowledge of this certainty.”