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From Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life

Section Two: Illusions

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(27 of 28) Being in a hurry to achieve the goals you have set for yourself is also a disruptive factor. Rest assured that your good is, in fact, assured. Live with the complete certainty that it will come to you in the physical world in the form and in the manner and at the time that is perfect for the fulfillment of the divine design for your life. In your human consciousness, you are not able to understand the many factors that are part of the process.

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“Deception occurs when one human fools another by making him or her believe that one thing is going to happen, when in reality something very different is about to transpire. You commit deception on yourself when you try to make yourself believe that conditions in the physical world around you will have a certain impact (usually a negative one) on your life, when you have within you the power to have something much more positive occur.”