We Can Let Go Now, or We Can Let Go Later

The other day, as I found myself struggling with one or the other of life’s challenges, I realized that I had been trying to figure out why “I” hadn’t been able to make certain things happen the way “I” thought they should.

Of course the teachings in Lessons from the Source, as in most spiritual books, make it very clear that we can decide to let go of the struggle at any time and allow our good to unfold without our needing to understand how or when that might happen.

A few weeks ago during my hospice shift, I was sitting with a woman who was very near the end of her journey and who clearly was struggling mightily to avoid the inevitable.

She was not conscious, but people in hospice generally agree that our hearing is the last thing to go before we make our transition, so I was talking to her quietly and encouraging her to feel free to let go and surrender to the light.

Suddenly I realized that I was saying to her: “There’s no need to struggle. There’s no need for all this pain.  It’s really OK to let go. You can be at peace.”

And that was exactly the advice I needed to be giving to myself.

Several times over the years, the voice that comes through in the writings has made the point that we have a choice: we can either choose to surrender and let go of our struggles now and live in, and enjoy, the Kingdom (as it is referred to in the lessons) while we’re still here in physical form ― or we can wait until the decision isn’t ours, and we don’t have a choice, and experience the Kingdom in another dimension after our journey here has ended.

Remembering that comparison between our ability to surrender our human will now, while we still have the option, and the inevitable surrender that will come at our death, no matter how much we have struggled along the way, has been very helpful to me.

I’m realizing that, at least for me, that act of surrender is not a one-time occurrence, but rather a day-to-day response to the challenges I’m facing.  But remembering that I have that choice, and then exercising my option, isn’t always easy.

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2 Responses to “We Can Let Go Now, or We Can Let Go Later”

  1. hilory says:

    You are so right, Jack. It is a lesson that constantly needs to be practiced. I struggle with this concept often. I wonder why this is the case when letting go is surely the right path in so many instances.

  2. Jack says:

    It is a tough one, isn’t it, Hilory? I know I need to keep reminding myself about it, but the payoff is huge and wonderfully gratifying. Peace and blessings.

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