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From Chapter Two: The Challenges of Earth Life

Section Two: Illusions

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(9 of 28) Your job is to accept the reality of divine order and allow it to guide your life. How would you function in your life if you knew that every situation was going to work out perfectly? Your first reaction would be to stop worrying about outcomes or how this person or that situation would affect a specific outcome. You could relax and enjoy the journey, knowing that the perfect outcome was assured. This, of course, is exactly the case. Divine order and your unity with me assure it.

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“Divine order is the ultimate reality which, because it is so perfect, is usually taken for granted to the point that it is obscured in the human mind by the clouds of crisis or tension or anxiety or fear. These, of course, are false concepts created by human consciousness to convince humanity that all is not, in fact, wellthat something can or will go wrong. Divine order is always at work in all things. It cannot fail, but it can be ignored.”