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From Chapter One: The Basic Truth

Section Four: The Kingdom of God

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(6 of 8) (Concerning the analogy in the previous excerpt to the properties of air.)  In the same manner, you are always in the kingdom, and the kingdom is always in you, even though you are not consciously aware of it. Once again, we return to the basic concept of your unity with me. As you come to understand it, you also will understand the concept of the kingdom. Doing so requires your detachment from human consciousness to the extent that you can see it and understand it for what it is (even while you continue to live in it) and your total, comfortable acceptance of the true reality of your being.

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“Know that your good is always there for you. Only you can block it. If you stake your claim to it in a natural way and then accept it comfortably, it will manifest for you. It is very important that you not concern yourself with what or how or when. Simply accept your good and rest comfortably. If you begin to worry about specific outcomes, you will attempt to impose your own will on the process, which is counterproductive. Admittedly, it is difficult not to try to force the issue, for you are eager. But you must abide in the deep inner certainty that your good is yours. The cells of your body do not wonder how the oxygen they need will get to them, but the need is always met.”