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From Chapter One: The Basic Truth

Section Four: The Kingdom of God

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(5 of 8)  A very simple analogy is to the life-giving properties of air on the earth plane. You cannot see the air, yet you cannot live without it. You live in the midst of it; you require it for the maintenance of your being; and yet you seldom think about it or focus on it—even though it is always there and is necessary for your existence.

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“Enjoy this adventure in the physical world. It is a gift to enjoynot a struggle to endure. If you can center your consciousness in the truth of your beingin your true reality/identityyou can then see your earth life for what it is. It is an enjoyable diversion, a lesson in truth, a challenge for future growth. See it as such in the context of your true identity and it will be much easier for you to reject the temptation to latch onto the illusions of the world and give them power over you.”