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From Chapter One: The Basic Truth

Section Three: Divine Order

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(2 of 9) Divine order is the operating principle of the universe. It is what makes everything work together effectively and efficiently—and for good.  “For good” is an interesting phrase that has evolved in the human use of language. How ironic that its use now generally implies “once and for all” or “thank goodness it’s over.” (“Thank goodness” is another phrase of spiritual origin that is used so casually that its meaning is virtually ignored.) Perhaps one can perceive good in the ending of a situation—and, in fact, when a negative situation has ended, it truly is “for good”—but the generally negative connotation of the phrase is unfortunate.

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“There is always help available to you. It is there for you in forms that you cannot yet imagine or remember because of the limitations of human consciousness, but it is unfailingly there. You must let go and trust.”