The Ripple Effect

The Way We Live Our Lives Affects Others

You seldom can understand (nor can anyone on the earth plane) the importance that your interactions with others carry in their lives. We have discussed the unity of all life on earth. If you can accept the truth that the essence of me lies within all things — and especially all people — then it becomes somewhat easier to comprehend the impact that you can have on the lives of others.

Perhaps it is easier to begin to think of this from your own perspective. We have talked before about how you react to someone who is a beacon of joy and enthusiasm and how your own spirits are lifted by that interaction, because your spirit is one with the spirit of the person who has touched your life.

Think now, also, of the impact that a person who is totally caught up in negativity can have on you. Or a person who is laughing uncontrollably. Or someone who is sharing genuine grief with you. Or someone who offers advice or consolation. Or someone who simply asks how you are doing and whose asking demonstrates a genuine caring and concern. Even the person who “snubs” you and refuses to speak touches a place in your heart.

Ripples in the Substance of Spirit

Try to think of my spirit as a great, never-ending sea of gelatinous material. It is not visible to human eyes, but it is present in everything and around everything. Think of what happens when you touch the surface of a bowl of Jell-O®: the impact causes vibrations throughout all of the material in the bowl. There is no portion of it that is not affected.

If you can accept and internalize this vision of the presence of my spirit in and through all things, then you can begin to understand the very real way in which your actions and words — and thoughts! — can have an indelible effect on the lives of others, as well as on your own life.

Any activity on your part that is a movement of your spirit will create waves in the substance of spirit that will go out from you to others.

Likewise, just as the ripples caused by throwing a stone into a pool eventually bounce off other objects and create new ripples heading off in new directions, so do your actions create effects that you would not have imagined or even dreamed possible.

As enough ripples are formed, some begin to come back to the point of original impact.

A New Perspective on the Golden Rule

It is not enough to simply urge you to be careful of your words and actions. You must choose them carefully, with an awareness that they will not go without notice. You truly can sow seeds of love or hatred, hope or despair, joy or discouragement.

When you think of this grander perspective of the impact of what you say and think and do, the Golden Rule becomes even more meaningful. In its most basic interpretation, you should treat other people (in your direct dealings with them) in the way that you would like to be treated.

When seen in the context of the unity of spirit of all people and things, however, the law becomes much more complex and meaningful. Not only do your thoughts and words and actions affect others in an obvious way, but they also have an impact far beyond any that you might have intended.

And, to complete the concept of the Golden Rule, what you send out will come back to you, so the actions you take or the words you speak or the thoughts you conceive should be ones that you feel comfortable returning to you, for they inevitably will.

“What are the factors that disturb your peace of mind and heart? They are factors that you have given the power to do so. In and of themselves, these people or conditions or circumstances have no power over youunless you grant it to them.”