Joy, Peace, and Love

The Equilateral Triangle of Joy, Peace, and Love

Joy, peace, and love are the qualities through which you not only express the essence of me to others, but they also are the most effective way for you to attune yourself with me and with your good.

The equilateral triangle of joy and peace and love personifies the essence of my spirit and my being. As you express your unity with me, you express these three qualities, for they are inseparable. They are equally important, and each is dependent on the other two.

If you are peaceful and loving, you must be joyous as well. If you are joyous and loving, your soul will be at peace. And if you are joyous and at peace, you naturally will exude love.

Peace and love and joy are tied to each other. If you are longing for peace in your life, you probably will realize that you are not expressing joy or love at high levels either. If you can feel and understand the sensation of expressing all three qualities at a high level, you are in tune, or in the flow, or experiencing your unity with me.

You are God in expression. God is good. God is joy and peace and love. You are good in expression. You are joy and peace and love in expression. Accept this reality. Live it and enjoy it.

Experiencing, Expressing, and Demonstrating

Be joyous and rejoice in your good. Share that true, pure joy with everyone you meet. Let it shine through in everything you do today.

Be loving and project your love to others.  Share it with them and absorb them in it.

Be at peace and let go of any resistance to your good. Let go of any tension or apprehension or doubt or fear or uncertainty. They have no power over you unless you allow them to, and as you release them and place your consciousness in the pure flow of goodness, they can never affect you.

If you accept with your entire being that there is only goodness in whatever happens to you, you will be joyous and at peace and loving. Likewise, if you are experiencing and demonstrating those qualities, it will be much easier and more natural to experience the good that is all around you.

Joy and peace and love are constant realities, but their expression through you is a conscious choice. With your consent, they will manifest constantly in your life, and you will be constantly magnetized to attract your good.

You must make the decision. After a while, of course, it can become automatic, but you are not yet to that point.

“This is the basic truth we are discussing in these lessonsthat you can realize and live your unity with me, and in so doing, be demonstrating the Kingdom of God on earth.”